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VarZip, Inc. | Jeremiah Gage

iOS Consulting • Mobile App Development • Software Engineering

Hello! I am a freelance consultant and developer who specializes in iOS mobile apps. Since the beginning of the Apple App Store in 2008, I have been building iPhone and iPad apps for a wide range of clients and for myself.

Software engineering has always been a huge passion of mine, and I love learning new technologies. This world of personalized devices is a very exciting time to be in for a programmer like myself!

I also have experience with interface design, user experience, project management, digital marketing, and product launches. Feel free to check out my specific services below, my portfolio of work, and my history as a developer.

If you are interested in hiring me, please fill in the form at the bottom or send me an email at .


Years of experience working with apps from concept to launch

iOS Consulting

I will work closely with your team to locate and strengthen weak spots in your app. Together, we will make decisions for development, estimate amount of effort, and prioritize the work to make your app great!

App Development

I have built numerous iPhone and iPad apps from the ground up, and I work well with designers, project managers, and other engineers. I can help with any stage of development, whether it's only an idea in your head or your app just needs some maintenance.

Software Engineering

From architecting a new app in Swift or squashing arcane bugs in Objective-C, I will get the job done fast and with immaculate code. I am competent with: Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, Git, CocoaPods, Fastlane, Auto Layout & UIKit, Core Data, Core Location, Core Bluetooth, AVFoundation, Firebase, AFNetworking, and many other system and 3rd party libraries.


Some projects I have worked on


iPhone, iPad, & Apple Watch



USAPL Scoring App

iPhone & iPad



Crazy Camera

iPhone & iPad




More than 20 years of programming experience

  • 1995 - 2001

    A Passion for Programming

    I started writing code in middle school and haven't stopped since. My first experiences were with BASIC on a Commodore 64 and Microsoft Visual Basic on Windows 95. I then got into writing Bash scripts and object oriented C++ applications in Linux.

  • 2001 - 2014

    Flash & Web Development

    After high school, I started writing code professionally in Flash ActionScript. This eventually lead to writing web apps in PHP and ASP with MySQL databases, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the frontends.

  • 2008 - 2014

    Mobile Apps

    In 2008, I started tinkering with iPhone apps and published my first app in 2009. It wasn't long before I was writing apps professionally. I worked for Apex Education and developed iPad apps with web backends for health and education evaluation.

  • 2014 - Current

    iOS Expert

    In 2014, I moved to Denver, Colorado to work for POSSIBLE Mobile developing iOS apps full-time. Since then, I have helped maintain apps with over a million users, published mobile app blog articles, and spoken at developer conferences.

  • Making
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